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ROCCAT™ Power-Grid™ is an advanced and fully-customizable remote control for your PC. It lets you connect to, monitor, and control your PC and games directly from your smartphone – and all without having to leave the action. Best of all: it’s totally free to get started.

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Power-Grid Insight #11 Counter-Strike: Global Offensive
Power-Grid Insight #10 News Center
Power-Grid Insight #9: "ungespielt" Minecraft
  • Stay in touch with everyone – via Skype, Facebook, TeamSpeak, you name it – without ever leaving your game.
  • Easily keep track of all your computer‘s vital stats, such as CPU, RAM, HDD usage and more.
  • Change PC and game settings with speed and ease, such as audio controls and in-game macro sequences.
  • Give any gaming order you can dream up with the simple touch of your smartphone‘s display.
  • Create your own custom Grids. Pick from a library of existing controls – or design new ones yourself.
  • Send your Grids to anyone you choose: teammates, guild mates, relatives or friends.
  • Connect your smartphone to future ROCCAT™ devices for an unprecedented union of technology that will change the way you play.


Power-Grid™ Insight: CS:GO Counterstrike is an icon in the world of FPS games. Power-Grid user
"scholle" created some very helpful controls for CS:GO. Bomb timers,
popular chat macros and useful buy scripts help you win the fight Terrorists
vs. Counter-Terrorist - doesn't matter on which side you are playing.

Try the CS:GO Grid and download it for free right here in the shop.
Power-Grid™ Insight: News Center Never-ending loading time? Unskippable cut scene? Don’t pull your hair out.
Use our News Center plug-in for Power-Grid™ and check out the latest in tech
and gaming news while you wait for your game to start.

Download the free plug-in right here from the store.
Power-Grid™ Insight: Minecraft Renowned German YouTuber 'Ungespielt' has created a PvP Minecraft Grid
together with us. Complete with countless useful functions, the Grid will help
you secure easy wins over your opponents.

Head over to the Power-Grid™ store to download it now.
Power-Grid™ Insight: Anno 2070 Anno 2070 is one of those cult classics that’s as complex as it is fun. To cut down
on the complexity and maximize the fun we made a cool Grid to aid your gameplay.
Comprehensive shortcuts for the most-used functions ensure your play time is
marked by planning a kick-ass city instead of fiddling around in menus and sub-menus.
Grab the Anno 2070 Grid from the Power-Grid store.
Power-Grid™ Insight: Trackpad For gamers, there are few things more annoying than having to stir yourself from
a position of comfort to operate your PC or latop’s cursor. But don’t worry, that problem
is gone. Meet the latest addition to the Grid family, the ROCCAT™ Trackpad, and enjoy
full control of your PC or laptop’s cursor without having to move a muscle.
Download it now for free from the Power-Grid™ store.
Power-Grid™ Insight: DayZ Did you ever wish for an auto-run or auto-sprint command in DayZ Standalone?
We’ve been playing around with Power-Grid a bit and the result is a nice Grid that
makes survival on an island full of zombies and hostile players much easier.
If you want to be prepared for the zombie invasion, go check out the free DayZ Grid
right now. Just download it from the Power-Grid store.
Power-Grid™ Insight: League of Legends Team ROCCAT is leaving everybody stunned with their plays in LCS Europe at
the moment. If you are into League of Legends, you might want to check out this
free set of grids for one of the world's most popular games. No matter what your
role in the team is - with the use of Power-Grid and your smartphone, the path to
victory is right in front of you.
Power-Grid™ Insight: VLC Player We all hook our PCs and laptops up to our TV to watch media content, and we all think
it’s a pain having to get off the sofa to fiddle around with the mouse or touchpad to press
pause or play. But don’t sweat it, we made the VLC Media Player Grid so it’s a problem
no more.

Use your smartphone as a full-featured remote control and just sit back, relax and enjoy
the flick! Check out the latest Power-Grid Insight video for more info or download the free Grid
from our store right now.
Power-Grid™ Insight: Guildwars 2 Power-Grid enthusiast Creepy Pie has created a must-have Grid for fans of Guildwars 2.
Stunning artwork – in perfect sync with the game world – coupled with crucial time-saving
functions mean you’ve no excuse for letting your smartphone lie idle while you game.

Use this Grid to take your skills to the next level!
Power-Grid™ message board now available Check out the Power-Grid message board we just set up. Share thoughts and
ideas about the software, discuss with other users and tell us what you think
about Power-Grid.

We appreciate your feedback - It helps us to improve the software.
Click this Teaser to get to the board.
Create and share Grids and Controls Power-Grid™ lets you create the command center for your favorite game or
program. Think you made the perfect Grid for LoL, Dota 2 or CS:GO? Let
everybody know about it by sharing your work with gamers the world over.
Simply use the export function in Power-Grid and upload your content to the
database on the Power-Grid homepage. Looking for a premade Grid to improve
your gaming experience in Skyrim or Battlefield? Check out the database and
see what other Power-Grid™ users have put together – you’re likely to find just
what you’re looking for.
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